Your Project Is Our Priority






Seth Alexander (Owner)

Seth has over 15 years of building experience as a carpenter.  After studying business and management at Ryerson University and earning a degree in Commerce, Seth went into a partnership with Marc Tencate. Seth is very proud of his ability to provide clients with comprehensive and accurate quotes that are easy to understand. Seth encourages open and continuous communication throughout the entire renovation process, and his constant client focus ensures that the company’s project process is as important as the finished product.






Marc Tencate (Owner)

Marc has over 20 years of building/renovating experience and has project managed both commercial and residential projects.  After graduating from Carleton University, Marc joined forces with Seth Alexander.  Marc manages our team and is at each job site daily. An accomplished carpenter, Marc works closely with architects and engineers to find solutions to the often challenging structural issues that present themselves during renovations.

Our Team

We employ experienced carpenters who have strong work ethics and are committed to the values of our company. They are highly skilled and are able to take care of all project details with precision and professionalism.
We are very proud to have longstanding relationships with our trades, all of whom are certified, licensed and insured. Whether it is our master plumbers or electricians, our HVAC technicians, our tilers or painters, our clients benefit from our professional relationships. We believe the trade professionals that we work with are the best in the city, and they help to make our company great.

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